Algert Engineering, Inc. is a long- established civil engineering firm dating back to 1945.  Over the years it has developed a fine reputation for excellence, reliability, and integrity.  Although proficient in many areas of civil engineering, Algert Engineering has specialized in areas of site planning, master plans, residential development, major boundary work, and unusual engineering jobs such as the Coronado Bay Bridge maintenance Rail System and a 23 foot tall 300 ton teddy bear for the UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering. 

Although Algert Engineering specializes in the South Bay Area, we have done work throughout all of San Diego County and as far north as Los Angeles County (Lancaster and Palmdale) and San Bernardino County.

The company incorporates an integrated approach to development projects.  It offers a wide range of services and experience, enabling it to expedite the time-consuming processing of a residential or commercial project.  Zone changes and tentative maps are processed concurrently as much as possible to minimize delays.  Representation is offered at Commission and Council meetings.Feasibility is uppermost in the thinking of Algert Engineering staff as they begin a project. Acceptability to the agencies and communities, as well as efficient and functional design considerations are the key to initial planning efforts.

As with most successful business, experience and good judgment are paramount.  Algert Engineering offers two registered civil engineers with combined experience of over 50 years, and one licensed land surveyor with over 25 years of mapping experiences in San Diego County.  The support staff at Algert Engineering offers a wide range of experience in civil engineering and surveying. 

All key personnel have been with the company for over a significant amount of time.

An extensive file of over 5,000 private surveys in addition to record maps greatly facilitates many of our new survey projects.  In recent years we have worked hard to ensure that our survey capabilities, both for boundaries and construction work are as state of art and efficient as we can accomplish.  

The Algert Engineering Survey Department has invested in the latest Total Stations and data collection software for flawless communication between Conventional and GPS Surveying and field to office data transfer.  A permanent base station running at our office is also part of the virtual GPS Network for Southern California.  The distinct advantages to our clients are unprecedented speed and accuracy in the field under all survey conditions and the capability to meet the fast paced scheduling needs essential to a successful project from the field to final engineering to the end product.  


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